October 7, 2022

Britain’s EU exit threatens its commitment to halt coal use


The decision by Britain to pull out of the European Union is likely to have a severe impact on its pledge to stop the use of coal in power plants. Experts warned that by leaving the EU, Britain would lose access to cheap, foreign supplies of gas and electricity forcing them to re-think their plans to close the last of its coal fired power stations.

Back in November 2015 Prime Minister David Cameron pledged in his energy policy that The UK would replace all its existing coal powered stations by 2022 with more environmentally friendly gas and nuclear powered stations.

A senior researcher at the Energy Institute University College – Paul Dorfman warned

“The U.K. won’t be taken into account in decisions about the EU energy market and there is a real potential risk that Brexit will adversely affect Britain’s energy market”

Dutch climate change campaigner Henk Keilman echoed these concerns on Twitter

With David Cameron’s departure, The World Coal Association sees an opportunity to gain support from his successor Theresa May calling for the secretary of state for business and energy to re-consider their stance on supporting new technology enabling them to capture carbon emissions from coal powered energy plants. Many campaigners for green energy are skeptical of this technology and see it as a step back in clean energy developments rather than a viable solution to the problems.



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