October 7, 2022


  • Credit Suisse cuts bonus funds by 30 percent

    Contrary to reports coming out of Bloomberg last week, the news is far worse than expected for staff at the leading investment bank – Credit Suisse. Known for their forward-thinking approach to bonuses and staff funding pools, Credit Suisse have announced their staff bonus fund is down over 30% following increased pressure from the Swiss…

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  • Oil Drilling Contamination Cost Chevron $8.6 Billion Fine

    Chevron Corp. has been found responsible for oil drilling contamination in a vast area of Ecuador’s northern jungle. The oil giant has been ordered to pay a massive fine of $8.6 billion in damages and clean up costs. Despite the fact that this has been reported as the highest award for damage in an environmental…

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  • Strike Gently closed down

    Strike Gently, a popular file sharing website, has reported today that they have been closed down by the Feds. The site is displaying the following message – “This domain name has been seized by ICE – Homeland Security Investigations, pursuant to seizure warrant issued by a United States District Court under the authority of 18…

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  • NASA Astronaut Mark Kelly Rushes To His Wife’s Side

    NASA astronaut Mark Kelly, is rushing to be at his wife’s side, Gabrielle Giffords, after she was shot earlier today, at close range in the head. It has been reported that Mark Kelly was traveling by private jet and expected to arrive in Tucson at 3:00pm. A family friend, who owns the jet has been…

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  • Are you Ready to Pay $5 A Gallon For Gas

    John Hofmeister, a former Shell executive has painted a gloomy picture of the future, as he predicts $5 a gallon, gas prices by 2012. If $5 a gallon was not bad enough, Hofmeister is also predicting that supply of gas is going to be outstripped by the demand, before the end of the decade, despite…

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