October 7, 2022


  • Credit Suisse cuts bonus funds by 30 percent

    Contrary to reports coming out of Bloomberg last week, the news is far worse than expected for staff at the leading investment bank – Credit Suisse. Known for their forward-thinking approach to bonuses and staff funding pools, Credit Suisse have announced their staff bonus fund is down over 30% following increased pressure from the Swiss…

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  • France pulls out of the running to host Expo 2025

    According to reports in the French news publication Le Journal du Dimanche, France has decided to withdraw its bid to host the World Expo in 2025. Le Journal du Dimanche reported that the French Prime minister Edouard Philippe has written to committee members stating costs were the main factor in France’s decision to withdraw from…

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  • The Blockchain’s Rising Profile

    The consumer experience of cash transfers between bank accounts among traditional banks can seem overly complex, with transfers sometimes taking days rather than hours with little in the way of explanation. In addition the traditional systems fail to provide a receipt in the event of a successful transfer, and can be hit with bank fees…

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  • Verizon Challenge to FCC Net Neutrality Rules

    Verizon has stated that it has to challenge the FCC’s new regulations in court. They have filed an appeal in the federal appeals court in the District of Columbia, challenging the FCC’s regulations that prohibit broadband providers from interfering with Internet traffic flowing over their networks. The new rules are also expected to be challenged…

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  • Amazon Kindle vs Google eBooks Fight of the Decade is On

    Amazon Kindle vs Google eBooks Holiday Sales at Stake Amazon Kindle vs Google eBooks the main event we have all been waiting for. The stage is set and the pugilist are waiting to come out of their corner as soon as the bell rings. Amazon vs Google promises to be a great fight for online…

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