October 7, 2022

Diet Drinks Link to Strokes and Heart Attacks


New reports just out have given a suggestion of diet drinks being linked to both strokes and heart attacks. While there have been reports available for a long time now, that has shown links between sugar substitutes found in diet drinks and increased chances of some cancers developing, new reports are suggesting more health issues, such as strokes and heart attacks.

The study used for the report covered 2,500 people from New York who drank diet drinks on a daily basis. The report suggested a 61% increase in the chance of “vascular events”, which included heart attacks and strokes.

What should be considered of course, is the fact that this is a preliminary report. The study has not taken into account what diet drinks were consumed and what quantities.

There has been serious opposition to the study from the American Beverage Association, who are suggesting that the link cannot be pinned down to diet drink consumption uniquely. According to several sources, they are suggesting that the findings are nothing more than a coincidence.

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