August 12, 2022

Mubarak Interview with Christiane Amanpour Video


Christiane Amanpour interviews President Mubarak: Christiane Amanpour got the rare opportunity today to interview President Mubarak. The president talks to Amanpour, letting her know how he is troubled with the violence that has been happening in Tahrir Square.

President Mubarak went on to tell Amanpour how he is fed up with being a president and wants to leave office, but fears that he cannot, in case Egypt falls into chaos.

When asked how he felt about the attacks from his supporters on protestors he said “I was very unhappy about yesterday. I do not want to see Egyptians fighting each other.”

He was asked about how he felt when people were calling for his resignation as president. He said “I don’t care what people say about me. Right now I care about my country, I care about Egypt.”



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