October 7, 2022

Valentine’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Nothing can so eloquently convey the message “I love you” like Valentine inspired dipped strawberries. Valentine’s chocolate covered strawberries are scrumptious treats that can be beautifully decorated with the colors of romance.

The delicious variety of milk and white chocolate lets that someone special know you aim to please. A thoughtful gift like this is sure to ignite the embers of appreciation, as well as the taste buds of the person you wish most to impress.

Succulent berries, picked at the peak of perfection, are transformed into a gourmets dream when they are drenched in rich milk chocolate.

Of course the big question is how you go about creating such a delight and ensure that you get perfect results. Well, the best way is the cheat and not actually make them yourself. The selection displayed in the image above for instance, are produced by “Wine Country Gift Baskets” and available to buy at Amazon. Similar selections can often be found in speciality chocolate stores at this time of year. Even some supermarkets have such delights available this weak.

However, if you are absolutely set on creating these yourself, then I guess it is off to Google you go and start searching until you find the perfect recipe. Thing is though, there really is nothing to such a recipe. It is only a matter of getting your hands on some tasty ripe strawberries, Giving them a quick wash, leave the stems and any leaves in place. Melt some quality chocolate and dip the strawberries in [about 3/4 of the way up to the stem]. Then place the dipped strawberries on a cold tray, or grease proof paper until the chocolate hardens, which only takes a minute or two. That really is all there is to it. Unless, you want to be a bit more creative and add in a few fancy extras. If you do, just use a bit of imagination. Anything goes, as long as it is edible and not a choking hazzard.


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