BubbleBall App Game Developped by 14 Year Old Hits Number 1 at Apple Store

BubbleBall a game found in the Apple Store has hit number one for downloads. It has unseated the long lasting number one app download Angry Birds Seasons. What is great about this story is that BubbleBall was developed, coded and distributed by 14 year old programmer Robert Nay.

Robert, who hails from Spanish Fork, UT, started developing BubbleBall with a competing development framework, but quickly realized that Corona SDK’s flexibility, ease of use and powerful features gave him much more freedom to create a mobile game characterized by its fun and addictive game play.

The game was only approved by Apple two weeks ago, BubbleBall has been steadily climbing the charts and it’s big break came when it was named the App of the Week in the Corona SDK app showcase on January 9. Since then its popularity has skyrocketed, culminating in its #1 spot on January 13.

Robert has become an instant celebrity online and it looks like he will have a very bright future. In just over two weeks, it’s been downloaded over 1.5 million times, including 400,000 downloads on Thursday.

In Bubble Ball, you’re tasked with a simple mission: Get the ball from point A to point B. Each of the game’s 21 levels gives you a different route to navigate with different game pieces to assist in your deceptively simple-worded quest. Place the geometric pieces however which way you please to create ramps, platforms, and even catapults to send your ball to the finish line. At first, it’s easy; but in the later levels, it can be quite the stumper — but, you will not put your phone down until you figure the very last one out!

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