Gift Youtube: Causing Youtube Accounts to get Banned?

GiftYoutube: People have been falling for what would seem to be a scam, that is asking them to post the following comment on any 5 videos at “Type gift before”

Several people who have done this are already reporting that their youtube account has been banned as a result.

It would seem that if you visit the website, you will be redirected to after receiving the following message;

“GiftYouTube is activated! To win, post 5 comments in 3 minutes telling others how to get here. Next Prize – $1000 Best Buy Gift Card. Your results will automatically be displayed.”

Of course, there is no news whatsoever that anyone has won any prizes so far. But there is plenty of news that people are getting banned as a result for taking part in this, or stating it is all a scam.

Hopefully will act on this pretty quickly and get the site shut down. Meanwhile it is advised that no one participates in the practise or visits the domain name in question.

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