hiybbprqag and mbzrxpgjys Catches Microsoft Out

Microsoft Stealing From Google?hiybbprqag and mbzrxpgjys are just two of the random search queries that Google has used to catch Microsoft’s Bing cheating and Microsoft is not denying Google’s allegations, so far, according to reports.

Last year Google was starting to suspect that one of their biggest rivals Bing was managing to collect search queries that were being carried out on Google, then copying those results across to Bing in its search results.

So how did Microsoft pull of this little bit of cheating? Well, we can’t be exactly sure how they were doing it, but it seems likely that either Internet Explorer or the Bing Search Toolbar was being used to collect search queries made on Google, by its users. with the info collected, it was simply a matter of copying the results over.

Google of course, decided to come up with a plan to catch them in the act and it would seem they managed to do just exactly that. According to a variety of sources, the set up around one hundred different random search queries that has not real meaning and would produce little or no results. Then of course Google created specific pages of their own and placed them in the number one position for those queries, even when they had absolutely no relevance to the original query whatsoever.

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