Jack Weppler Dumped his Girlfriend & Paid the Price


Jack Weppler dumped his girlfriend for whatever reason. She did not appreciate the fact and decided to get her own back by transforming his photo adding lots of phrases to it and managed to spam it all over Google Images. now when you visit google Images and type the poor guys name, his image is plastered all over the place.

In steps Jacks mom to help out. She has made attempt at Google Webmaster Help section to ask for assistance to solve the issue;

“My minor son’s ex-girlfriend took a copyrighted picture of him (we own copyright) and uploaded it more than 60 times to a website. On each image she wrote slanderous, defamatory and pornographic captions. The webmaster of the site states he removed the images 6 weeks ago, but Google Search still shows all the images. My son is so stressed out and embarrassed and we’ve done everything we can to get images off of Google including URL removal tool, a letter to Google Legal with all the URL’s because of copyright infringement, and nothing has worked!”

Lesson to all guys – Before you start dating any girl, check first to see if she is an expert in search engine optimization. Out of respect to Jack, we are not showing the images on this article. Instead you need to visit Google images if you want to see them.

hope it all works out for you Jack and the images go soon.

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