Jared Lee Laughner Videos – The Crazed Killer Who Shot Gabrielle Giffords

Crazed Killer Shoots Gabrielle GiffordsJared Laughner Videos: Jared Lee Laughner has been identified as the crazed killer who shot Gabrielle Giffords, at close range in the head and killed 6 people and injured around 12 others, this afternoon in Tucson.

Jared Lee Laughner is reportedly a 22 year old Afghanistan veteran, who seems to be totally deranged, that is if you take into account his videos he has posted on youtube.

Little else is known about this man at this point. The incident this afternoon left US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords seriously injured and 6 people dead, including a federal judge and a young child.

Jared Lee Laughner already has a history with the police according to various reports online. The weapon he used for the shooting is understood to have been a pistol with an extended magazine.

5 people remain in critical condition as a result of the incident. Gabrielle Giffords is currently recovering from surgery and is expected to pull through.

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