Jello Shots Recipe for Your New Years Eve Party

Jello Shots RecipeWith New Years Eve Parties coming up pretty fast, lot’s of people are starting to hunt for great recipes on how to make jello shots.

Your Complete Guide to Jello Shots is a paperback from Aaron Wright, that can more than satisfy craving for finding the perfect jello shot recipe;

Welcome to the wonderful world of Jello Shots! Your Complete Guide to Jello Shots includes over 300 Jello shot recipes.

From simple Creamsicle Jello Shots using orange gelatin and vanilla vodka, to the more complicated Long Island Iced Tea Jello Shot with a combination of liquors and Gelatins.

Whether planning a simple Dinner Party for friends or having the Party of the Year, Jello Shots will get them talking, and keep them talking…. about your party.

Your Complete Guide to Jello Shots is currently on sale at Amazon for just $9.95

Don’t forget to stock up on Jello Shot Glasses for your party. Disposable – Reusable – Easy Clean Up Quality Plastic Cups with Lids – Jello Shot Glasses Durable Plastic Clear 2oz, in packs of 125 are on sale at Amazon right now with 33% off the regular price – Down now to just $7.99 per pack.

Read up, stock up and have a great New Years Eve Party.

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