Jumpin Jammerz – Footie Pajamas for Women Popular This Winter

Jumpin Jammerz, the footie pajamas for women are becoming very popular this winter season. Not too sure exactly why they have become popular of course, as they are not exactly very feminine.

Of course it could be the comfort factor that is making these night time garments so popular right now. Or perhaps it is the zany patterns and wild colors.

Whatever the popularity factor is, I can be pretty sure it is not the price tag that is driving people to purchase these pj’s. Prices vary from around $45 to $60, depending on where you purchase them.

If it is the comfort factor and not the crazy designs that are making Jumpin Jammerz so popular, then I can’t help but think, would it not be much better to simply pick up a pair of Women’s fleece footie pajamas instead. Fact is you can grab a pair of Women’s Guide Gear Footie Pajamas in a variety of colors for under $25 a pair. now that’s a big difference in the price tag.

No more cold feet. Women’s Guide Gear Footie Pajamas are WARM, soft, 100% polyester fleece. PRICED RIGHT! “Put your right foot out, your left foot in, sing the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself about!”

Casual comfort comes in the form of Footie PJs for my female Friends. Hard to find. And seldom seen. But they’re here for you at an affordable price, just in time to ward off winter chills.

Especially to your icy toes. Look: Polyester fleece inside ‘n’ out for comfort; Stand-up rib-knit collar; YKK front zipper; Rib-knit cuffs; Raglan-style sleeves for easy movement; Footed bottoms with non-skid traction design for stability; Elastic at base of waist for a custom fit; Elastic at back of ankle for flex and fit.

Machine wash / dry. Imported. State Color and Size. Put your best foot forward now and order now! It’s the ideal gift! Women’s Guide Gear Footie Pajamas.

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