Lynsie Murley Settles Out of Court with TSA for Exposing Breasts

Lynsie Murley the woman who sued the TSA for them exposing her breast has now settled out of court. Lynsie Murley, 24, of Amarillo, Texas, filed a lawsuit against the TSA last year, accusing the agency of negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The incident, which occurred in May 2008 at a Corpus Christi airport, left her feeling “extremely embarrassed and humiliated,” according to the lawsuit.

The settlement was disclosed in documents filed last week in U.S. District Court in Amarillo, where Lynsie Murley last year filed a lawsuit accusing the TSA of negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress in connection with the May 2008 incident at the Corpus Christi airport. Murley’s lawyer, Jerry McLaughlin, declined to divulge exactly how much his client is receiving in the settlement but told that it is a “nominal” amount.

“This was never a case about money,” he said. “It was about trying to get them to admit they acted improperly.”

The settlement was reached at the end of the year, shortly after government attorneys deposed Murley. As for his client, McLaughlin said, “she’s glad it’s over.”

Murley claimed that a TSA agent pulled her blouse completely down, exposing her breasts to everyone in the area. Despite her embarrassment, the lawsuit claims that “TSA employees in the area continued to joke and laugh about the incident for an extended period of time.”

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