New York State Unemployment Levels Could Increase Dramatically

Governor of New York State, Andrew Mark CuomoFor New York State unemployment benefits, there have been several reports of unemployment benefits now coming in a day late, without any explanation as to why. Has this affected you? Let us know and give us your point of view over this matter.

The New York State unemployment levels could be getting worse pretty soon. The Governor of New York State, Andrew Mark Cuomo, announced that there is a threat of thousands of state workers ending up on unemployment benefits, after layoffs..

There have been estimates made of approx. 190,000 layoffs expected, as massive budget cuts are expected in Cuomo’s budget, due out on Tuesday. The average worker costs the state just under $100,000 in pay and benefits. A sure target to help address the $10 billion budget deficiency.

Cuomo insists he’s got “a target,” and he can get to that target with or without the unions’ cooperation. Assembly Democrats close to the unions have suggested that the target can be hit without a single layoff.

Frank Mauro of the labor-backed Fiscal Policy Institute has said “It doesn’t really help the economy to reduce the size of government. Laying off government workers if there are other choices available is going to hurt the economy more.”

Mauro went on to say “The danger in government layoffs coming at the point in the recession, when the private sector is trying to make traction, trying to balance the budget through government layoffs is going to have effects I don’t think this or other governments want.”

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