Obama Administration Requests New York Times Not To Publish Wikileaks Text

New York TimesToday, the New York Times has reported that they were requested by the Obama Administration not to publish the text of a cable from Wikileaks.

The NewYork Times, was one of several highly respected newspapers across the world that were supplied with documents from Wikileaks for publication, in fear that the Wikileaks Website would be down, after suffering an attack earlier today.

The NYT agreed with the request not to publish the text of the “Feb. 24″ cable. According to reports, the contents of the cable makes it clear that American intelligence agencies believe a complete shipment of missiles, based upon a Russian design, known as the R-27, made its way to Iran, from North Korea.

It is reported that American intelligence believes that Iran is attempting to master the technology so it can build a new generation of missiles. This intelligence is also suggesting more connections between North Korea and Iran than were not previously known, including perhaps nuclear military cooperation.

The maximum range of ballistic missiles that are known to exist in Iran is 1,200 miles. Which is of course capable of reaching countries such as Israel and Turkey, as well as parts of Eastern Europe. The Russian R-27 has a longer range of around 1,500 miles. The BM-25, which is the North Korean advanced version of the R-27 design, is capable of a 2,000 mile range.

If such a missile as the BM-25 was fired from Iran, it could reach targets as far away as Western Europe, or fired in a different direction, it could reach Moscow.

There are many experts who believe that Iran is not capable of being able to create a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a ballistic missile, but still believe that Iran has been working very hard towards such a goal.

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