Obama Triggers Blackouts by Blocking Of New Power Plants

The rolling blackouts being experienced across the country, during this spell of extreme cold weather, is a direct consequence of the Obama administration’s agenda to lay siege on the coal industry, according to an article by Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson today on the Prison Planet website.

According to the article “Planned power outages conducted by utility companies have caused outrage amongst officials at four major hospitals in Texas, at Parkland, Baylor, Methodist and Presbyterian Dallas.”

They also have reports of street lights and traffic lights being hit by outages, causing build up of traffic and a variety of hazards. The ability of power companies to meet the demand is reported as being a consequence of “Obama administration’s publicly stated goal to bankrupt the coal industry,” according to the article.

The entire article can be found of course on the Prison Planet website for those that may wish to read it. Meanwhile, we would like to know your opinion on the power outages across the U.S. and who you think is to blame for this. Is it down to the Obama administrations policies? Let us know what you think.

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